Oct 4, 2012

Travel Dairy: Vietnam (Day 1) Part 2/3

Vietnam Day 1: Part 2 of 3! I won't be explaining every photo since the pictures can speak for themselves. Suoi Tien Amusement has everything, food stands, entertainment areas, rides and tons of larger-than-life sculptures. Too bad the park was under maintenance when we went there. But we still had fun, all thanks to the pretty sculptures. 

Every corner and every side of the theme park shows a part of Vietnam's History and the Nation's Religious Belief. So, expect to see tons of Buddhas. 

This one is my favorite! I can't remember its name tho. All I know is that it has a thousand hands and eyes. 

Fell in love with these gold sculptures. They all look so cute and elegant. Kudos to whoever cleans the sculptures and the park! Thanks for making it extra shiny! :]

Kudos to everyone behind Suoi Tien Amusement Park! You did an amazing job. To the people who made the sculptures, you guys are the bomb! All those little details and colors that you added to your masterpiece is just world-class!

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