Oct 25, 2012

Travel Diary: Vietnam (Day 1) Part 3/3

Hello Dearies! Your Virtual Tour Guide is back. I'm sorry it took me tooooo long to post this 3rd part. I think you know why. Anyway, at least now I'm here. On to the Travel Post... This is the final part of our Day 1 in Vietnam, our last stop was the ever-so-famous, Cu Chi Tunnel. This is my favorite among all of the places we've been to. This place is just so historic and mind-blowing. Let me show you the magic of Cu Chi through pictures...

Sorry for the lack of photos, I was too busy being a tourist and forgot to take photos of some of the great things. Anyway, the photo below shows an entrance to the tunnel, yes, it's super small and yes, it's dark down there. Believe me, I went in! HAHAHA. 

See! The man is gone and there is no way that you would've guessed there is a hole under that pile of dried leaves. 

Also, scattered around the area are traps. Deadly traps, I must say. 

They also have mannequins and other war-related stuffs on some areas to show the tourists how the Vietnamese and everything else looked like during the war. 

I'm really sorry for the lack of photos. Well, that Cu Chi Tunnel Experience was really amazing. We also got the chance to enter the tunnels, and it made me adore the cleverness of the Vietnamese. I'm not really a history buff or anything close to that, but I really enjoyed this part of our tour. I got the chance to try everything, enter the tunnels, see how the traps work, climb the tank and so on and so forth. So, that ends my Vietnam Day 1 Travel Diary! Watch out for Days 2 and 3! ♥ 

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