Oct 24, 2012

No More Lies

Wait! Before anything else, let me explain my title. It's not that I've been lying or anything, I got the title from the song i'm currently listening to. Well, most of the time that's where I'd get my titles from. Some of them are lines from a song or just a random phrase that popped in my random mind.

Anyway, wore this ensemble to Garnier's Get Active Campus Challenge Awards Night held at Enderun College. And of course, we had to dress appropriately. Wore a LBD = Little Brown Dress (HAHAHA, see what I did there?) with less accessories. School has been sucking out all my energy to think, so yeah, my peg for that night was Minimalist. 

The dress that I'm wearing has lace details on the neckline, so I decided not to add a necklace. 
Dress - Borrowed (from Ria) | Shoes - Aldo | Braided Metallic Bracelet - from Athina | Stacked Rings - Forever 21 

I've been endlessly ranting about school and how much it takes too much time off of my hands. Well, our final academic semester has ended and I still can't believe that i'll be graduating on March (or May). Anyway, let's just see what will happen next! 
Photos were taken by Alsph Liboon and Kevin Basco

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