Oct 10, 2012

Hot Pink

Say "Hi" to another effortless look. Nothing screams basic than a tank top + jeans + sneakers, right? My favorite "lazy day" outfit. 

The photos were actually taken last week, and yes I have tons of backlog posts. Will try to post them soon. Been really busy with school, and everyday, the student in me gets busier and busier. And because I feel as like I'm not doing my blogger duties right, I will have a giveaway. ♥ Watch out for that! :] 

I just love this Nail art sooooo much! Thanks Ate Emmie of Nail It! Centris! Visit them and have your nails done too! :] 
Sneakers - Converse | Glasses - BU3 | Nails - Nail It!

Have a great day dearies! ♥

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