Apr 30, 2013

Snapshot: Golden Hour (15)

I know, I know. Snapshots are supposed to be posted on Sundays. But I just can't wait for Sunday! :) Anyway, if it isn't obvious, these photos were taken during the golden hour. I love how these photos turned out. The sun's rays are just too perfect for words. We (or maybe not all of us) always rant about how hot it can get and blame it all on Mr. Sun, well, wake-up little one, Mr. Sun can do awesome things too. Just like giving us the chance to take wonderful photos without using studio lights that could burn you to death. Hahaha. Lol, I kid. 

And of course, to finish this blog post, let me show you guys my crazy & weird self. :P 

Where are you going for the Labor Day thinga-majigga? Well, whatever it is that you're planning to do, may it be a stay-cation or a trip to your fave destination, don't forget to have tons of fun. Toodles~~