May 3, 2013


Flashback Friday! 
If it isn't obvious, these photos were taken ages ago. Hahaha. Just kidding, these were taken last year at Today x Future, when we had a shoot for Nail It! Salon. Let me show you what happened through photos and captions. :)
Today x Future offers scrumptious food. It's just so.. perfect! 
Obligatory mirror shot! A blogger's gotta do what a blogger's gotta do. 
Tina Decena of Strutting on Sunshine
Tina taking Melai's outfit pictures. 
Bea Benedicto of The Fashion Bamboozle

Photos below are from Cristina Decena. Thanks Tina! ♥
Jeje pose ba? Eto oh! Please don't judge! Hahaha. :P
With the extremely adorable and talented couple, Ryan and Garovs of Everywhere We Shoot!

With Debbie and Demmie of The Twins Owning It! 

Wanna see more? Read TinaBea and Debbie and Demmie's posts. :)
Hope to see everyone again soon! ♥

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