May 9, 2013

Fun Under The Sun

Before everything else, let me take this opportunity to congratulate our batch (in advance)! 
BATCH 2013! CONGRATULATIONS *cyber hug*!!! Job well done guys! Everyone deserves all the great things in life! See y'all again soon! May clearance pa pala! HAHAHA.
Moving on, earlier this week, my sister-from-another-mother and I (and our crazy brains) decided to go out and have fun under the sun. Oh and we brought another outfit, more about that on my next post. So this is what I wore. 
This light pink off-shoulder lace romper is just so perf~! Definitely fell in love the moment I laid my eyes on it! Expect to see this again and again...and again. I'll try to pair this with a skirt next time. :)
Romper - Alexandre | Belt - Muffin | Rings - Forever 21 | Bag - Hand Me Down | Sandals - Vietnam

Thanks Ria for being patient! Love you to bits, sissy! :) <3
Hope everything goes well tomorrow. Congrats again Batch 2013! 

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