May 28, 2013

Where Have I Been

You might have thought I died, right? Well, unfortunately, I didn't! HAHAHA. Anyway, here's what's been keeping me busy (and alive) for the entire duration of summer (or just half of it).
Photos above are from the pre-nups I was able/asked to style. I won't go much into details, I guess the photos speak for themselves. :)

Craziest month ever!!! May has been really fun and tiring. I'm not complaining! I was given the chance to be around really successful and down-to-earth people. 
1 & 6. Oh yeah! Hahaha. Need I say more? I transformed right? I, myself still can't believe that the girl in that photo is me! I'll post more photos soon. 
2-5. Ticked an item off of my bucket list! And let me just say that... THE TASSLE IS WORTH THE HASSLE! ♥
7. TW Steel's CEO and Icons of Inspiration (L-R) Coach Rio, Venus Raj, CEO - Jordy Cobelens, Marvin Agustin and Chieffy Caligdong. 
8. Hottest DJs in town! Sanya and Ornussa of The Zombettes. 
9-12. Cold Stone Creamery is finally in the Philippines! Visit them in Serendra. They will open sometime this week. ♥

So yeah, I've been really blessed with so much opportunities! Who would waste such favorable circumstances? Anyway, hope everyone is doing great! School is almost back, but not for me. Let's see how the real world would treat me. Good luck to us! 

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