May 17, 2013

Just Give Me A Reason

Hollaaaa! Finally sweater weather is back, but the heat is still pretty intense. So, to balance things out, I decided to wear a semi-sheer button down and high-waisted shorts. Balance is really important when it comes to dressing up. You wouldn't want to show too much skin or cover most of them. So you have to decide which part you are going to flaunt. The top (by that I mean your arms or sexy clavicle) or your legs. You decide. :)
And then I found myself going back to my first love: neutrals! But since I wouldn't want my outfit to look dull I decided to wear my coral pink flats. 

Whatever it is that you're planning to do this weekend, make sure you have tons of fun. :)
Using my phone to blog...again. Hahaha. 

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