Jul 30, 2013


I won't say that I am back, but let's just hope that the blogger bug will stay with me longer. Oh gosh, I missed blogging big time! I just don't have time to take photos or even think of a blog worthy outfit! Anyway, enough of the drama. 
Notice anything different? Yes? No? Hahaha. Okay, it's the wall!! I was in the mood and decided to add some decorations. I'm thinking of adding more. Any suggestions? I also thought that the decorations complimented my outfit very well. It's very quirky and fun! 
I actually got this "scalloped-cropped sweater-top" from Bea Benedicto's booth last BU5. The color is very pleasing to the eyes and the cut is sooo cute!! I wanted the top to be the focal point, so I paired it with white shorts and white sneakers. 
Another obsession!! Fujifilm Instax 7s! I've had this baby for quite a long time now and I thought it's about time to give this little one the spotlight! Oh and it perfectly matched the theme for today's outfit! 
Can I just say that I'm currently obsessed with 926727372 other things!!! Hahaha. I've been doing lots of DIY projects and these bracelets are to die for (or maybe not)! It takes me about 5-10 minutes to make one. 

Too bad you can't see the details of my necklace. But I swear it will appear in my upcoming Snapshot post. You better watch out for that. :)
Can you blame me? I was feeling all giddy and quirky!! Hahaha. 

Anyway, I've been doing lots of things lately. Things that I truly love. Will post details soon. :) For now, let's just be thankful for everything that has and will happen. Keep it comin'! I'm very much ready for it! <3

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