Jul 3, 2013

Taking Chances

Aside from the book of Molly McAdams (which I just finished reading! Team Chase or Team Brandon? Hahahah. Anyway...), here I am taking my chances while the sun was up and brightly shining on my life. It was the perfect day to wear a full-on denim outfit!  
I know this outfit has summer painted all over it, but hey! That's the best part when you live in a country like ours! It's like summer all-year... well, minus the beach trips, sleepless nights and hanging out with your friends. 
This denim jumper (or whatever you call it) was actually a gift from my dad. He bought it when he went to Japan. I just wish I came with him. Boohoo. Oh well, at least my dad has great taste too. This is just one of the many things he got for me. Now I know where I got all "this" from. Love you, Pa! ♥
I'm awfully in love with my jumper. Oh, and if it isn't that obvious, the top part can be detached. I love items that can transform into all sorts of things. Hahahah. 
To top all of this denim crazyness. I decided to finish off my look with this denim cap. 
Oh yes, I'm obsessed! :P 
Jumper - From Japan | Black Bracelet - BU4 | Spikes bracelet - DIY | Sneakers - Converse

My birthday is coming up in 6 days! And I don't have any plans! Hahaha. We'll see what happens.