Jul 9, 2013

Another Chapter

After countless years of thinking, I've finally came up with a decision and chose to blog about this! Why did it take me too long to decide? Well, first of all, I thought this shoot was quite "daring". You'd usually see me in a top + shorts combo. And I've said (for a million times) that I'm more on the casual side. So this is really new to me. I looked so... (as they say) Fierce and Edgy! But i'm not complaining! Just look at how the photos turned out. I have to thank Genstein Yuzon (Hair & Make-up) and Chrysler Malinay (photo). You make a great team! :) Thanks a lot. ♥
Moving on... Today is the start of another chapter in my life. I'm leaving the "teen" bracket and moving to the young adults bracket. I really think that my age won't change anything. I mean, c'mon! I'll stay the same but i'm sure i'll be offering more. By that I mean, crazy-er, weird-er and of course, more positive with life. Well, you can't change overnight. Let's just see where this new chapter takes me and hope for the better. :) 
I just love birthdays -and weddings and any event that celebrates life. With that comes genuine happiness. It's overwhelming to receive and read everyone's birthday messages through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, E-mail and SMS.  I really appreciate it guys! I really do. This year has been amazing and I can't wait to start a new one or maybe just continue what I've started (i'll stick with that, it sounds more fun and better. :D). I love y'all like Tinkerbell loves Peter Pan. ♥ 

I can't thank everyone enough. It has been an amazing year and I hope it continues. ♥

More photos will be posted at facebook.com/VogueEsprit 
For collaborations you may send an e-mail at thejjjaaaccc@gmail.com 
or just tweet me @jac_pequena . ♥


  1. Love the third and fourth images!

  2. you look great! loving the photos and the make-up look

  3. The detail on the second duo of pictures is so exquisite. It kind of reminds me of a tribal tattoo or some sort. Love it!