Jan 5, 2013

Travel Diary: Singapore (Part 2)

This day was filled with all things random and beautiful. Let me show you more of Singapore through photos and captions. 

The view from the top. My cousin's place was situated at the 11th floor. Which gives us a very breathtaking view.
Clementi Road! Can you spot the double-decker bus? We actually had the chance to ride that bus. T'was a whole lot of fun. I wish we have one of those here in the Philippines. HAHAHA.
The very intricate interior design of Marina Bay Sands.
I couldn't stop myself from taking a photo of Singapore's Skyline. ♥
And of course, the ever so famous Marina Bay Sands. ♥
Another famous attraction that you can see in Singapore, the Singapore Flyer. 
We were also able to visit the very busy, Orchard Road. During Christmas Season, the streets and buildings along Orchard is filled with pretty lights and other christmas decorations. And at night, performers would fill the sides of the road. So, you'll be entertained while on your way to your favorite shop. 

That's it for another fun-filled day at Singapore. I have more posts coming up soon, so watch out for that. 
Enjoy the first weekend of the year! Have a great day ahead! ♥ 

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  1. wow! Singapore is such a place. Asia is. Would love to visit sg too after graduation. :)