Jan 14, 2013

Travel Diary: Singapore (Part 4)

Before anything else, let me inform you that these all happened during CHRISTMAS DAAAY! Hahaha. Yes, I love Christmas and it sucks that Singapore's Christmas is very (when I say very, I mean super!) different from ours. Anyway, let's get down to business! 

The ticket to Sentosaaa! Oh I miss that place. ♥
When going to the Sentosa Island, you have two options: it's either you take their free train or ride on the cable car. So, being first-timers, we chose the CABLE CAR! 
If you guys don't know, I USED to have this fear of heights (Acrophobia). I think my love for roller-coaster rides helped me conquer that fear. Now, I'm as fearless as a lion! HAHAHA. Lol, what? 
These are the sights you'll see! Sentosa is breathtaking even from afar! Can you spot Mommy Merlion in the photos? :) 
And here she is! Mommy Merlion! Her baby is somewhere near Marina Bay Sands. If you want to see her, click here.
My favorite! LUGE! Gaaaahd. I really wish we have one like it here in the Philippines. 
To get to the top you have to take the Sky Ride, and what goes up must come down, so the "down-part" is where the luge comes in.
Sentosa Beach! My cousin told me that the sand in Sentosa Beach was imported, it came from the land down under, Australia. Cool huh? 
Next stop...Underwater World.
As shocking as it may sound, peacocks were actually scattered everywhere. We spotted this one on the roof. Look at its pretty tail feathers. ♥
Since we were inside the Underwater World, I was able to spot these weird/cute looking animals. 
This is a crab. Well, it doesn't look like one, but I swear, that is a real crab. 
Believe it or not, that is a seahorse. It can actually pass off as a seaweed. HAHAHA.
And this photo cracks me up everytime! HAHAHA. It looks so... well...FUNNY! A fish that has a face of a human. 
And of course, Jellyfiiiish! 
They also have a Dolphin and Sea Lion show. I'll never get tired of watching dolphins and sea lions doing tricks. There's something about them that fascinates me. 
Say Hi to this cutie patootie! Sucks that I forgot her name. 
Last stop... Universal Studios. 
This actually breaks my heart, we weren't able to enter the Universal Studios, since my cousins/other relatives have been there and it would cost them a lot if they enter it again. Anyway, if you'll look on the bright side (that's what I usually do), this means we would HAVE to go back to Singapore. HAHAHA. Boo-yah! 

That's it for my Singapore Travel Diary. Next Stop... Malaysia.
More about that and my adventures on my next post.
Travelling is really fun. Aside from the fact that you'd get the chance to see pretty places, you also get the chance to experience different cultures and meet people. I would love to visit more places this year and create more memories!

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