Jan 26, 2013

In Town

Too bad you guys can't read whatever it is that's written on my back. Well, to everyone who can't figure it out , the back of my shirt says "We May Be The Only Phone Company In Town" - and that's where I got my post title. Oh and let me correct myself, this isn't my shirt, this is my boyfriend's. I told you I love wearing guys' shirt. 
Another thing, have you watched Pitch Perfect? I'm currently obsessing over Beca and the whole of Barden Bellas, they're all so pretty and talented. I think i've watched the movie 7592758724 times. HAHAHA. Lol, I kid. But I think I won't get tired of this movie, it's Aca-awesome! See! I'm too obsessed with it! Oh and FYI, i'm currently listening to their Finale performance as I type this  (downloaded and synced). :P
Enough of my addicition. Can you still remember this too-pretty-for-words necklace? This is the one that I got from Anastasia Siantar's Booth during the BU3. Hello Anastasia (FC Mode)! :)
Necklace - BU3 (Anastasia Siantar's) | Shoes - Converse | Rings & Shorts - Greenhills

Don't forget to check out Nail It!'s website. You can now reserve online! So, what are you waiting fooooor? Check it out now! :) 
Hope you're enjoying the weekend! Have a great one ahead! :)

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