Jan 1, 2013

New Beginning

A new year, a new beginning. The perfect time to change. If you've been bad, in any way, last year, this is the right time to make things right. Not just with the way you live but also with the way you treat the others. Make this year, your year! As stated in the photo above, let's start the year right, stay positive and never stop dreaming! ♥
Since today is the very first day of the year and I don't want to feel sad and all, I wanted to wear something shiny and bright. Hence the shiny top and the bright orange shorts. I personally believe that wearing bright pieces can instantly brighten up your day. 
As we all know, people usually to wear garments with polka dots on New Year's Eve.  Since I don't have anything with that kind of print, I decided to have my nails painted with DOTS! Thanks again to Ate Mhalen of Nail It! Salon Greenhills! ♥ 
Don't you just love this bag? I bought this during my trip to Singapore. It's actually a 3-in-1 bag. It can function as a backpack, handbag and a sling bag. Talk about hitting 3 birds with 1 stone! HAHAHA. :P

Top and Bracelet - BU4 | Shorts - Greenhills | Watch & Bag - Singapore | Rings - Romwe

Again, make this year, your year! Own it! We all can! Happy New Year Everyone! ♥
I'm off to Makati for our annual family reunion! Cheers to a bright year ahead of us! :)


  1. Simple look this 2013.. Keep inspiring us ate ^_^ gosbless

  2. love your style! more blessings this 2013 :) happy holidays!

    enjoy your new years eve :D