Oct 21, 2011


Yesterday was Eunice's Birthday. She just turned 19. She is one of the best buddies I have. Simply because we both love YTF (Ryan Higa, Kev Jumba, Chester See, D-Trix, Victor Kim, JR Aquino, Andrew Garcia)- Youtubers, nail arts, fashion, tumblr and more stuffs.
 We surprised her with some books that she loves. We handed over a crumpled envelope with the Coloring Book inside it, well, that was just for fun. After a while, we then handed over another book placed inside a little paper bag. The book is "Eve" by Anna Carey. 

(L-R: Mae, Chot, Eunice, Me, Anne)
Then, we just sat there and laughed, talked, took pictures, then we have to part ways. :] I hope you liked our simple surprise. :]  MelovesyowEuniceMarie.