Oct 23, 2011

Young, Wild and Free

Last Night... One of the most epic nights of my life. Went to Tomas Morato because t'was my the birthday of my friend's friend. (Get That? Hahaha.) Anyway, I was given the chance to meet these AWESOME people. 

Aldrin. Andrei. Cholo. Babs. Kester. Gyra. Resty. Dominic.
Matsu. JM. Gene. Trixa. Nicole. Narix. Justine. Tep. Rayn. Glenn.
Bien. Nica. Johnston.
(I forgot some of them, but anyway, I hope I got their names right :])

The whole night was EPIC! Actually, we went to 5 places. We first went to Guilly's, but since it was still closed by the time we arrived, we stayed at Gerry's Grill and waited for it to open. Then at 11pm we entered Guilly's. As far as I can remember it was 12 midnight when they decided to move to the next spot, Flux. But since the place is overloaded with dancing and party people we decided to go out and then we went to Perfect Spot. We stayed there for about 30 minutes to an hour. Then, went back again to Flux, then finally ate our super duper early breakfast at McDonalds. 
I just want them to know that they are just some of the AWESOMEST people I've met. Melovesyowguys! Hope to see you again soon. :] 

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