Oct 21, 2011

Growing Collection

I didn't post this to brag or anything. I just thought that I can use this post to see how much my accessories collection will grow. 

Peacock, Large Lavender Stone, 3 Black Studs, Blue Rectangular Shaped, Blue Circle, Grey Oblong, Star and Heart Fancy rings, White Skull, Jelly rings - all of those were given to me.
Camera Ring - Gozum Show Room
2 Ribbons, Black Flower, Blue Flower- Thrift Stores
5 Gold Stars, Blue Glasses - S.O.A Greenhills
Gold Stacked Rings - Forever 21

3 Bruno Mars Ballers - I Bought them Online (Here, and i can't remember the other 2)
"I Got Swag" - I got it from a friend
"Never will I leave you; never will i forsake you-God" Baller - bought from a friend
"Run for a Greener Life" - Free from the Fun Run I attended
"JAC @ 18" - My Debut Souvenir
Colorful Ballers - Bought from a friend
Plain Blue Baller - friendship bands, I think it was from "Worlds of Fun"

Jelly and Silly Bands

5-Strap Watch from Tomato

Bangles - Mostly gifts

Beaded Bracelets

Random Bands

(From Top Left Clockwise)
3 Rayban Shades, Flywear, Reading Glasses, Clear Rayban Glasses, Anne Klein Shades, Unknown Shades with Orange Lenses.

(From Top Left Clockwise)
Dangling Earrings, Feather Earrings, Studs: As you can clearly see with my studs,i don't have any pair that matches. Well, except for one, but all of them are random earrings, it's either I lost the other half or I really bought it that way.


So basically, I started collecting or buying my accessories since I was in High School. And since I am boyish and so back then, I wasn't interested with them. But now, oh nooo! I'm crazy about them, specially with Rings. So, there you have it. My growing collection of accesories.


  1. Coooool! Wish I could save more so my collection of pink things would grow as much as yours did :))

  2. @Bea Ann-Marie Perez
    Wow. Think Positive Bea! And soon yours will grow too. :]