Aug 27, 2012

Rainbow Slide

 The new Robinsons Magnolia looks extremely amazing! Most of the shops are still closed but I still enjoyed my visit tho. We tried Big Better Burgers and OMG! you guys should try it too! That epic moment when the food looks good and tastes awesome! 
I wore a colorful shirt, so I made sure everything else is neutral, hence my shorts and button-up top (used as a cardigan). 

Before I went to the mall, I decided to slide on a rainbow and this is what happened. A colorful doodle-ish shirt. (Too bad the picture color ruined everything. :/ )

Epic Nails! Thanks to Ate Bea of Nail It! Greenhills for doing my nails every time I go there. :] Oh! I also tried Nail It!'s Hand Paraffin. It's one of those "tiis-ganda" moments. You'll dip your hand in the paraffin wax (which is a tad bit HOT), then they'll wrap your hands in a plastic then put it in the super cute gloves. I don't have pictures but if you want to see how it looks click HERE (From Love Chic by Seph and Shai). 
Top - Gap | Necklace - AI | Orange Spike Ring - Bedazzled Accessories | Glasses Ring - SOA | Watch - NY | Nails - Nail It! 

Thanks Alsph Liboon for taking my "yellowish pictures" :]


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