Aug 14, 2012

There Was Never Just One

Bourne Legacy hangover! Again, I consider myself a lucky one. I was able to watch the movie for free! Thanks to Antonette of Operation: Fix Life . She won from Nuffnang's collaborative contest with Mandaue Foam. Woohoo! Thanks again Chuni! Oh and thanks to Nuffnang and Mandaue too! 
 Wore an inappropriate outfit for a movie day! Well, if you'd scroll doooown. You'll see why. 

Aside from wearing shorts, my top actually has a crochet panel at the back.
Top and Shorts - Greenhills | Anchor Necklace and Earrings - Forever 21 | Sneakers - Keds |
 Gold Leaves Necklace - AI | Watch - Tomato

I actually didn't regret wearing this outfit. I actually love it. Oooh, the prints! I'm trying different styles, i'm now wearing prints! Well, it's unusual for me, and I think I love it. ♥ 
I also love the fact that Antonette's and my outfit's colors slightly matched.
Photos taken by Antonette Jacobe


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    ps.: you have a wonderful haircut!!!

  2. Jac, just saw this today. Lame ko. Hahaha! So sorry for the extremely amateur photos. Hahaha! Imagine, I still haven't posted mine yet! :))