Aug 5, 2012

Optimistic Dreamer

How's everybody doing? Hope everyone's doing fine. With this kind of weather, we all have to keep ourselves safe and dry. Anyway, Mr. Sun finally decided to show up again. Well, for about 15 minutes he was up there, and then he's gone again. I would love to see him again soon. Anyway, the first pic isn't really how my outfit looked like. HAHAHA! The photos below are the real deal. :] 
Thanks Ms. Joan of Personalized Accessories
Top - Mura Dito | Shorts - Divi | Watch - NYC | Peace Necklace - Tomato | Arrow Down - Personalized Accessories | Flower Ring - Forever 21 | Silver Ring - Greenhills | White Polo - My Mom's Closet 

Oh! This is what I wore to the Tumblr Fair! Yes! I went to the Tumblr Fair, and yes, I have a Tumblr Account (I'm a reblogger! HERE)! Met Martin (@frostloop)! Awesome person is awesome! Where are my pics Mr. Frostloop? Twitpic! HAHAH! BTW, Thanks again! Oh and congrats to everyone behind the Tumblr Fair! Cool Event! :] 


  1. What a nice top and necklace!!! cute blog! I'm following you via GFC.

  2. You have great style, I love the necklace here !
    XO Tatianna