Aug 22, 2012

High School

Do I look like a High School student! No? Okay. Nevermind. My mind decided to give up on me again. Oh well, nothing useful seems to be entering my brain. Am I stressed out? Can't even explain this simple outfit. Wooo! Anyway, here's a try...
I decided to pair my tank top and vest to give my outfit that youthful vibe. I actually wore this last Monday when my batchmates and I went around Quezon City, Manila and Pasay to shoot a promotional video. And since i'm in charge of taking the vids and photos, I again decided to choose this comfy outfit. A basic tank top + vest + shorts combination never fails. 

 Thanks to Ate Len for doing my nails! 
There's something about dirty shoes that makes me feel comfortable. Weird huh? :] 
Top - Greenhills | Shoes - Keds | Watch - Tomato | Blue Bracelet - WAGW | Studded Bracelet - BU3 (Ava Te's Booth) | iPhone Case - Greenhills | Nails - Nail It!  

And this is me being lazy, awkward and weird. :]

Photos by Alsph Liboon and Kevin Basco

So, I have a giveaway coming up soon. Hate the fact that my sponsors are ready and i'm not. And I blame school for that. Been really busy, but i'm not complaining, just blaming. >:] 

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    Your Iphone case is so funny =)
    Love it!

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