Aug 31, 2012

Wrangler F/W Collection Launch

Wrangler has released their Fall/Winter collection last wednesday. In line with this they had a Fashion Show at Robinsons Manila. They invited bloggers to attend the said event (Thanks again Melai!). You'll see them later. For now enjoy the photos (and the cute models). 

The ever so famous "W" stitching at the back pockets. 

At the end of the show, the models came out again and posed at the little stages scattered in the venue. They look like mannequins! If only I could take one home, I would! HAHAHA!

And these are the girls I was talking about! 
(L-R) Tina, Melai, Me, Hash, Adly, Kayra and Gian 

Thanks for ze fun night girls! 'Til next time!
If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@thejjjaaaccc), you may or may not know that i'll be leaving for Ilocos tonight. I won't be back 'til Wednesday. But don't you worry. I queued some posts to keep you entertained. HAHAHAH. Enjoy the weekend! 


  1. Seems fun. Ive always wanted to attend one of these events.. nye not fashionable enough though hah! you girls look so pretty~ pretty faces, pretty clothes <3