Aug 12, 2012

Snapshot: Lace and Pearls (7)

Finally! After 987536 years, a new Snapshot has arrived! This is 7th part of the Snapshot series. A section in my blog that FACE! Hahaha. On a serious note, after the week-long break due to the monsoon, I'll get to see my friends from school again. And yes, I miss school. 
I'm totally obsessed with the colors of my nails. The unexpected combination of blue and yellow. I chose these colors to represent the clouds and Mr. Sun. Thanks again to Ate Bea and Nail It! Cheers!
Ring from Forever 21 | Nails - Nail It!
Hope i'll be able to come up with better ideas for my Snapshot series. Or if you have suggestions, feel free to comment below. :]


  1. Hey Doll! What a Fab blog!
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  2. Thanks Ricci! Will definitely check your blog. ♥