Jun 10, 2012

Snapshot: Dainty (5)

Another Snapshot! I might do this every week! Look, my hair is "curlable" (Yes, I made that word). But I'm thinking of getting a haircut soon. Anyway, on to the post. Who doesn't love laces, curls and ombre?! I just had to put all of those nice things in one post. I'm totally obsessed with ombre, and as i'm typing this, I have an ombre shirt in the making (hope that works). So yeah. That's about it! I'll show you guys the final result of the shirt. :] 
Oh, the things I do to my hair when I'm bored. *Yey for braids*
Lace Top and Ombre Glasses - BU3
I'm staring right at you. Creepy huh? Hahaha. Sorry for laughing too much. I'm just happy. Really happy. 

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