Jun 5, 2012

Like A Sir

The title says it all. Hahaha. Kidding. That's what I get from reading 9GaG all day (okay, i'm exaggerating >:]). Anyway, this is what I wore to my nephew's 3rd birthday party. Oh, how I miss my childhood. Those days when all you have to do is play all day and just be happy. Well, I can/am still happy with my life (optimism strikes again!). Anyway, back to reality, I was asked by my cousin to "cover" the event so I decided to put up a playful yet comfy look. The dress was given to me by my Godmother! (Auntie Ian, if you're reading this, Thank You!) I paired it with my ever-trusted Keds sneakers. I can wear those all day. Oh and YEY for my Moustache necklace! Oh, this is geting too long. Sorry and enjoy the photos. :]

Dress - gift, Shoes - Keds, Necklace - Junk Studio Crafts (Superb Bazaar), Rings - SOA (glasses); 
Scooter (gift), Watch - Tomato, Silly bands - ZYQ Bands , Blogger Name Plate - Fabgelous
Ombre Nails!
Finally got my hands on Gelo Arucan's Blogger name plate!

I've got nothing else to say. :]

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