Jun 3, 2012

Bloggers United 3

Bloggers United 3! Congratulations to the whole Bloggers United team! You guys did amazing. PART 4 PLEAAAASE. :] Tons of things were up on sale, which means, I was able to shop the day away. Didn't even notice the time. I won't post the items that I got. But I was able to buy something from Anastasia Siantar's booth! Yey! So, let me show you what happened at BU3 in photos and some captions. 
Vern Enciso, thanks for the free pass! Loves~♥
Cheyser Pedregosa 
Lissa Kahayon
Kryz Uy
Anastasia Siantar! Waaa. Best Part of the day/year/decade!  ♥
Melai Entuna
Patricia Prieto
David Guison
Victor Basa
Robbie Becroft
Divine Lee
Verniece Enciso
Laureen Uy
Camille Co
Paulo Castro

Sisterly Love - Alyssa Lapid and Patricia Prieto
Candidates for the Canon Ixus Contest
The Hosts - Gelo Arucan and Melai Entuna

Thanks again to the whole team! Bring more international bloggers soon. Andy Torres and Rumi Neely pleaaaase! :] ♥ 


  1. Breaks my heart that I couldn't come. I wanted to see Anastasia! :( Oh well. Hopefully, there's still Part4 and more to come! :D

    1. :/ I feel your pain. Oh well, part 4? December daw. :] See you! :]