Jun 28, 2012

Lazy Wednesday

Just a quick post. Been super busy these past few days. I feel happy whenever I get the chance to squeeze in blogging. Oh BTW, I have 3 ongoing giveaways. HERE, HERE, HERE! You better check those out. Cool stuffs awaits.  
Top - Gift, Shorts - Landmark, Cardigan - J.A.C., Necklace - AI Online Shop, Watch - Tomato, Nails - Nail It!
Yes, my cardigan's brand is J.A.C. I think it's made for me. >:]
Wore Green again. I've been pairing my nail polish color with the things/clothes I've been wearing. Is that weird? I don't think so! Hahahaha. Anyway, you better go check out Nail It! Salon, they are responsible for my awesome looking nails. 
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Oh and I tried 2 different shoes, my mom's topsider and my ever-trusted flats. Which one looks better? 

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