Jun 30, 2012

Goldie (Part 1)

So... Now i'm speechless. Mind isn't working again. Oh, okay game! This actually has a part 2, since I was with my 2 aspiring-to-be-a-professional-photographer friends, I took advantage of them. HAHAHA! >:] On to my outfit: the top I'm wearing here isn't mine, I borrowed it from my non-biological sister, Luiza. Again, I don't have a bottomless pit of clothes. Anyway, I won't force my mind to think of anything else, so... Here are the photos.
Top - Borrowed from Lui O.  | Studded Bracelet - BU3/ Ava Te's booth | Mustache & Hand Cuffs Necklace - Junk Studio Crafts | PEACE BRACELET - gift/pasalubong from Marice | Sandals - Mossimo
My mind again has given up on me. I hate you mind!
Photos taken by Kevin Basco

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