Jun 26, 2013

Wish-Granting Factory

“The world is not a wish-granting factory.” -John Green: The Fault in our Stars. 
So, I just finished reading this epic book by John Green. And I can't seem to absorb how breathtaking it is. I'm such a sucker for anything inspirational and this is just mind-blowing. I also read that they will be releasing the movie version soon. Let's just wish that the movie will be as legendary as the book. *fingers-crossed*
Onto my outfit... If you'd take away the accessories and all those shizz, you'll see a plain and boring outfit. But that's the deal, being the lazy person that I am, I would at times be really unconcerned with what I'm wearing and I thank the people who  artistically created pieces (and i'm talking about accessories) to help someone like me. HAHAHA. 
Can we all take a moment and just stare at this masterpiece??? I mean, c'mon! This is like finding that perfect shoe or piece of clothing you've been dying to have! Hahaha. 
And yes, the bag is an envelope clutch and a sling bag in one! You'll definitely see this bag in this bloggy for a million more times. 
Bag and Necklace - Romwe | Tank top - Penshoppe | Loafers - Cotton On | Studs Bracelet - DIY

What book should I read next?
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