Jun 9, 2013

Snapshot: Denim (16)

Ooooh. I love it when it rains, and i'm inside the house. Perfect for a movie night, or maybe a marathon of my favorite series or maybe, you know, just a regular blog night. Another thing that I love is these set of Snapshot photos. They look so serene. Oh how I missed my Snapshot series! It's like a post filled with #selfies! Hahaha. You guys know how trendy selfies are. Everybody loves 'em! 
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@jac_pequena)(or even Facebook), you might have seen my post about taking selfies to a higher level! And yes, I love my instax! :) 
Ring - Romwe

Anyway, have a great week ahead! Start your week right, mmkaaay? :) <3


  1. I love your ring! So modern and chic :) Your blog is really great!