Jun 2, 2013


Since Sweater Weather is here, but Mr. Sun is still brightly shining on our lives (HAHA!). I decided to wear something that can fit the two. A sweater-ish top + shorts and a scarf that you can wear when it gets pretty chilly. 

I think I'll never get tired of using this scarf! I mean, just look at the fabric! It's just...AMAZING! 
Another thing I'm (very) obsessed with is this necklace that has rings as pendants! Talk about hitting 4 birds with one stone! Yes, 4! Well, you have a necklace and 3 rings. The rings are really pretty too. <3

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@jac_pequena), you might have seen this pair of awesome greatness. These babies are (slightly) overused. Slightly, because I try to stop myself from wearing it because if I don't they might die sooner. 
Top & Shoes - Market Market | Necklace & Scarf - Romwe

Thanks to my love, Patrick for being so patient with me while taking these photos! 
Je t'aime Mon Amour. 

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