Dec 21, 2011

Joyeux Noel

Pumps from Aldo, Bib Necklace from Chick Flick, Watch from Tomato, Ribbon Bracelet from BU2

After 2 weeks of organizing and being excited... Finally! The 7DS + Mommy + Mae Christmas Party! 7DS stands for 7 Deadly Sins, we started off with 7 members but while on the road two ladies joined us. I've never expected this to happen, I mean... In high school most of my best buddies are guys (cause I am one of the boys), but look at my friends, they are all ladies, gorgeous ones I must say. Without these girls college wouldn't be this fun. Anyway, enough of the drama. I JUST LOVE MY GIRLS SOOOOO MUCH! Dream big girls! Melovesyow! Happy Holidays.

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