Dec 11, 2011

What A Girl Wants

Black Ribbon Ring from Tin Iglesias (BU2), 4 Finger connector ring from Chick Flick, Dreamer bracelet from The Bead Shop, Watch from Tomato, Silly bandz from Silly Bands In the City
Tunic Dress from Reluctant Stylista, Boots from BU2
Patricia Prieto 
David Guison
My friend Anne, with David and Patricia
WAGW Bracelets
Had so much fun. I first went to my classmates' son's birthday party (Shakey's Pizza Pasig). After that, I asked some of my friends to come with me to Robinson's Galleria for the WAGW meet and greet something. And AGAIN I saw Patricia and David. Why do they have to be so nice and good-looking? Oh and BTW, I bought those bracelets at WAGW. They have super fashionable stuffs and I can't wait to have their clothes in my closet. Hope to see them again soon. You can drop by at their store at Robinson's Galleria. :] 


  1. Hi! Got so inggit, di ko pa nakikita si DG in person e :)) Nice blog, hope you can check out mine as well. Already followed you <3

    xx Bei

  2. @Bea Ann-Marie Perez
    Hi Bea! Thanks for the follow. i will check your blog. :] Hope to meet you soon!

  3. wow, i love all your rings! they look awesome :) you look so pretty in these photos! xo