May 23, 2012


This is a "First". Let me share with you guys what I did and how it happened. My College Classmate/Seatmate/Friend/Babe was asked to participate in a pageant or whatever they call it, It was held in Batangas. They had tons of sections in their show (Goddess, Night Gown, Dance Number, Parade and Sagala). Okay, what I did was... I did her hair and make-up. Wait, don't judge! I'm not a MUA and Hair Stylist. So forgive the amateur. But hey, I did my best. On to the photos, I will explain as we go on.. :]

Goddess of War
With her partner
This is what we came up with for their Dance Prod
Their Night Gowns
I wore a comfy outfit! Yey for plaid tops and shorts!
The Debutante! Kidding! Peace Babe!
The Super supportive boyfriend, James. 

It was very tiring but it was worth it. I mean, I even got the chance to see Bamboo perform live (I'll post that soon). So, thanks to my first client. Hope you had fun as much as I did. 'Til next time. :]

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