Feb 19, 2012

Trending Love

Dress from Divisoria, Watch from Tomato, Shoes from HDY

So yesterday,  I was asked to wear a dress and it made me look as if I'm a super nice/good girl.  Hahaha. LOL! Anyway, my friend invited me to join her and her churchmates in celebrating Valentine's Day, let's just say I attended a Post Valentine's Day Dinner/Acoustic Night and I enjoyed it alot. I got the title "Trending Love" from the theme of the event. Since everyone is so hyped in using the social media, they (the organizers) named the event after Twitter's Trending Topic Thingy.  
Oh, and thanks to Mae for taking the photos and being patient with me. ♥

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  1. Love this look! And also, you are one of the few who were included in the Stylish Blogger Award! Congrats ♥

    xx Bei

    1. Oh! That was you! Thank You so Much Bea! :]